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Design and construction of winch tachometer COLSING & HOLDING equipment LHM

Tachometer of key instrumentation in LHM equipment and winch system to measure important parameters such as speed, size and direction of wires used Winch .thyh these parts is limited and the cost of substantial equivalence, so the company is making efforts to complete the and equipment within the country, such as the following:
- Design and construction of the chassis and mechanical works: The parts of transmission is very accurate with an accuracy of 1 to 350 and therefore the analyzes conducted on the builders of quality parts, mechanical domestic companies to build the department identified and manufacturing practices this part has been done.
-   Winning design and manufacture of converters and pulser hardware on display Tachometer Another important component parts, which are carefully pulser range 1 to 1600 unit performs the measurement range of the converter is fully designed and built.

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